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Underfloor Heating (water)

Vudex Hardwoods flooring is an ideal floor covering for placing on top of underfloor heating systems. It looks attractive and has favourable thermal resistance properties.

A well functioning underfloor heating system, hot water or electrical, results in ideal thermal distribution throughout the area to be heated, giving maximum comfort. It
is therefore necessary for the floor covering to have good thermal conductivity, i.e. low resistance to heat transmission.

The thermal resistance of Vudex Hardwoods flooring for 15mm thickness is only 0.10 K/W sm and for 21mm thick is 0.15 K/W sm.
There are available many different types of under floor heating systems such as Floating, Timber Suspended and Concrete Screeded, most of which receive Vudex as a flooring surface.

For Floating and Timber Suspended Systems it is necessary to use 21mm thick flooring. For concrete Screeded Floors, Vudex 15mm thick flooring should be used.

Major Requirements Concerning Concrete Screed

1. The screed must be laid according to contractual specification and Authority requirements.

2. When overlaying screed, moisture must not exceed 1.5% when parkett is being laid. Normally the screed must have been laid for four weeks without heat being applied by the heating system. Afterwards the heating system should
be run at two thirds of its maximum output for at least two weeks so that escaping moisture may evaporate without causing any damage and the screed may be dry and attain its final moisture content. A few days before the parkett is due to be laid, the heating should be reduced to a temperature suitable for laying (eg. About 18 degrees centigrade, 64 degrees Fahrenheit).

Laying Vudex Hardwoods

1. If the heated underfloor is a concrete screed, this should first be covered with a layer of suitable non thermal resistant underlay as a compensation layer and for muffling step noise.

2. As previously mentioned, for Floating and Timber Suspended Heating Systems, Vudex 21mm thick floor must be laid.

3. Before commencing, reference must (be) made to the laying procedure as detailed in Vudex laying instructions for floating floors which provides specific details on site requirements.

4. Preference should be given to fully adhering the boards directly to the subfloor. However, the boards can be glued continuously along the groove and tongue using a suitable adhesive. If the boards are to be nailed to the joists, special care must be taken to avoid damage to the heating systems.

5. The parkett boards, which are pre-packed in a heat-shrunk wrapper, must not be opened until immediately before they are laid.

6. About two days after the parkett has been laid, the temperature of the underfloor heating system may be gradually raised over a period of one week until the desired temperature has been obtained.

7. The underfloor heating system must be regulated in such a manner that a temperature of 26 degrees centigrade
(78 degrees Fahrenheit) on the underside of the parkett is not exceeded and at a room temperature of 20-22 degrees centigrade (68-72 degrees Fahrenheit). Relative humidity should be between 40% and 60%.

8. For Sports Floors, semi-sprung floors and large areas you are advised to consult our Technical Department for advice.

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