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Looking after your Hardwood Flooring

Maintenance Guide For Your Hardwood Floor

Congratulations, your home has a beautiful Hardwood Floor. By following these simple maintenance guidelines you will maintain the natural beauty of the floor. You should always remember, wood is a natural product; its looks will improve as the floor matures. By following these simple guidelines your Floor will remain attractive and give many years of pleasure.

Important Does and Don'ts


Clean the floor regularly.
Wipe up any spilt liquids immediately (wood will absorb liquids and expand).
Use protective pads under all furniture legs.
Use barrier mats at all external doors.
Protect your floor from grit.
Keep the ambient temperature to 20ºC


Allow liquid to stand on the floor, this can cause the wood to expand.
Use a wet mop to clean the floor. Always use the mop damp.
Use abrasive cleaners, these will damage the seal.
Allow sharp or abrasive objects to come into contact with the floor. Pets can also damage the surface of the floor.

Routine Maintenance

Stop Dirt

Dirt and Grit are the enemies of all Wooden Floors. Make sure that a sturdy doormat is in place both inside and outside all exterior access doorways.

Vacuum and Damp Clean

Use a Vacuum cleaner on a daily basis. This will remove Dirt and Grit and save it from scratching the floor surface. For more thorough cleaning use a damp mop or cloth with a light spray of Floor Cleaner. Remember, you must never use too much water on wooden floors. Standing water should be removed immediately.


As with all floor coverings stains should be removed whilst they are still wet. After removal of the stain wipe the floor with a clean damp cloth.


Small nicks and scratches can be touched up using colour-matched fillers. For slightly larger areas a small amount of Touch-Up sealer can be mixed with the filler. In the case of larger areas of damage the floor can be sanded and resealed. Only a suitable expert should carry out this type of work.

Re-Sealing / Rejuvenating

After a period of time you may find that in some areas (entranceways, high traffic areas etc.) the floor starts to look dull. In the first instance use Bonar Freshen up (or similar). For best results this should be used with a Refinisher Applicator.
With correct maintenance your Hardwood Floor will give many years of pleasure, adding a warmth and beauty to your home.

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