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Installation Instructions

Simple Laying Instructions for Verizon Multi-layered & Hardwood Flooring

Before laying any Hardwood floor please read point 6.

1.   Either remove the skirting boards and replace after installation, make sure to leave a 10-12mm gap between the floor and wall. If the skirting is not removed a quadrant or scotia finishing strip should be used over the expansion gap. Draw a line parallel to the longest wall allowing for the expansion gap, and lay the first board up to this. The board should be placed with the groove facing the wall. The expansion gap should be maintained by inserting wooden wedges between the board and the wall.

2.   PVA adhesive should be placed in a continuous bead on the top side of the groove, it should also be placed on the full width at the end of each board. Excess adhesive should be wiped away immediately with a damp cloth.

3.   Continue across the room knocking the boards together using a 600mm knocking block in a flicking action down the tongue of the board, this will avoid damage to the board edges. The off-cut from the first row (provided it is more than 300mm) should be used to start the second row; this will result in a staggered joint.

4.   The last row of boards will normally have to be cut to width. The simplest way of doing this is to place the last but one board into position without gluing. Place the last board on top of the last but one and scribe a line, ensure that you have left room for the 10mm expansion gap. List the board and cut.

5.   After gluing the last but one board and placing it into position, glue and insert the last board then lever into position. Insert wedges to hold the boards in position and allow the adhesive to set. Remove all wedges and either pin quadrant moulding to the skirting or refit the skirting if it was removed prior to installation. A full installation kit is available from our distributors.

6.   Before laying any Hardwood floor please ensure the following.
The sub-floor should sound, level and dry.

Any uneven areas of concrete on concrete floor should be  made smooth with a proprietary screeding compound.

All new concrete floors should be thoroughly dry before installing the Hardwood floor.

In the case that the subfloor is wooden ensure that all nail heads etc. are not protruding and that all loose boards are firmly nailed down.

Uneven boards can be sanded or made smooth with a proprietary screeding compound.

There are two main methods of installation: Floating (where boards are glued to each other and laid onto 2mm Polyfoam underlay)or glued onto the existing subfloor using Sikabond T54 adhesive (or similar). 

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